WYZE cam app for PC

Today, technological advances have skyrocketed, so did the facilities available to safeguard ourselves and our assets. One of the most significant and refreshing inventions is the surveillance of our property (home) through mobile phones and laptops with the help of cameras and mobile apps.

Wyze cam app is one such application that allows us to keep an eye on our surroundings and property using a few cameras and an app that is installed on our mobile or laptop. There are many applications that enable us to enjoy such features but the Wyze cam app has many interesting features that provide a perfect surveillance experience.

The Features of WYZE cam app

The WYZE cam app is very easy to use and also the most important feature is the surveillance of surroundings in 1080p with an optical zoom of 8x, a crystal clear live stream. The zooming capabilities are up to mark along with an excellent night vision too.

It also has a feature that can detect motion i.e., motion detector. It also has smart sound recognition and two-way audio which is not available in most applications. The camera is really awesome as it also has the ability to make a full pan, that is an almost 360-degree rotation for better surveillance.

App NameWYZE cam app
Operating systemWindows, ios, Android
Updated11 days ago

How to Download WYZE cam apk on PC?

The WYZE cam app is mainly based on the Android platform and not Windows or Mac. So for using it on PC, we require the help of an emulator. There are a lot of good emulators available in the market today, which can help you to use the WYZE app on PC but I would personally suggest Bluestacks emulator. Other than that, we can also emulators like NOX player and Memuplay.

Now the first step is the downloading and installation of the Bluestacks emulator. Just touch the word Bluestacks above to go to the download page. After downloading, install the application on the PC. Open the emulator and sign up for a Bluestacks account or log in to your google play store account.

Search by typing Wyze app and after finding it, download the apk into the PC. After the downloading is over, install the apk by running it using the Bluestacks emulator. After that, you can see that the application is converted into a form that is suitable for PC usage. Now you can use it as much as you like.

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Installation Procedure

The installation of the app is very easy as it’s Android-based and also we are using an emulator for the installation procedure. After installing a suitable emulator and then you have to log in to a google play store account or make an account in the emulator you have installed.

Then the second step is to install the apk into the emulator. Right-click on the apk to see the install option. As its android version is made to be used on PC Windows or Mac platform, so the installation procedure is very easy and not tough like PC applications and software install.

Benefits of WYZE cam app

  1. Its easily usable while sitting anywhere as all you need is a mobile or laptop which has a good internet connection to control the cam and thereby observe the surroundings.
  2. The camera has 1080p view with 8x optical zoom and also night vision. This is very useful in observing and finding any unwanted movements anywhere. Also the motion detection sensor is very sharp so even a slight movement will be captured into the cam.
  3. There is an option to input the sound from the surroundings as well as output it to the outside space. Also there is a smoke alarm/sound detection system for making sure that our safety is kept as the top priority.
  4. Live video streaming is also another benefit of the application.
  5. The camera is very effiecient with high aperture lens quality and also its very easily movable to 360 degree direction.

Apps like WYZE cam app for PC

There are tons of such apps available in play store today that can help us to get similar features as WYZE app. Yoose app, Arlo, WIZ, MIPC etc. are such kind of apps we can easily access in the web. Also I would suggest the Yoose App to be more similar and almost better as WYZE app in terms of features and facilities provided.


Security is a main concern for all of us. It may be regarding our family, some personal items and of course most importantly for our home and our surroundings. Webcam installation is an important safety measure for most of such people. We depend on the combo of cams and apps to avail such a service and thereby get the security required.

WYZE cam app along with an amazing cam is such a combo with can depend upon nowadays. Its very popular today because of the camera quality and features embedded into it along with the app for attaining a high security level we require. For the amount being spend on it, the value it provides for the money is tremendous.

The app is very easily usable and also the camera along with its high features, good quality lens and optical zoom of 8x makes it more remarkable to use. If you feel like getting a easily and less quality security for your office and also home, just go for it without any doubt.


Is there a WYZE app for PC?

Till now the desktop version of WYZE app has not been released yet but we can use it in PC with the help of an emulator.

Can I watch WYZE cam on computer?

Yes, you can. But first you need to install the app into the PC with the help of an emulator.

How do I download the WYZE app on my computer?

First download an emulator and login into it and search for WYZE app. Install the apk using emulator only and there you go…WYZE app for PC.

How do you get WYZE camera on PC?

Download and use with the help of an emulator.

Can I use WYZE cam as a webcam?

Yes, for WYZE cam v2, with the addition of a special firmware, will give you the ability to use it as a webcam for video conferencing and all.

How do I install a WYZE camera?

Download the app first. Then connect cam using some USB cable. Open the app and add wifi info then scan the QR code. Process complete.

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