What is the best free way to protect PC from virus and malwares

The most important part of using a computer is to protect its content from outside sources which can harm the computer or cause any issues to us. Most computers are seen slowed down during to entry of viruses. Other computers are being made a source of data abduction. Thus, the most important part of using a computer is maintenance of its security.

The updating of software in the system, having an updated and efficient anti virus, proper scanning and check of any data being entered into PC etc. are the best ways to protect the PC from virus and malwares.

How can I protect my computer from viruses for free?

Today, most of the security software are found online free of cost. Either the software is available online for download or a crack is available for the premium version itself. The most easiest way now is to use the inbuild anti virus and firewall. Free anti virus also does the job of scanning the external memory system being attached to transfer the data between the storage devices. Also it acts as the protection against virus which by chance gets into the computer.

Also most anti viruses also gives an additional protection against spam and harmful content online. The firewall filters the content pretty well too. Nowadays the Windows itself has introduced essential security (for windows 8 and above only) for perfect security for free. Its pretty useful for virus protection as its built in by Microsoft only. The other anti virus software which protects against the virus are norton, avast, kaspersky, mcafee etc.

Most of these softwares have a lot of distinguished features which actually works pretty well against most viruses. But the most important part apart from this is timely updation of the software. The other issue we are facing is some software which are good at providing is not free at cost when it comes to allowing us to access all its features.

What is the best free malware and virus protection?

Today the top 5 spots when it comes to malware and virus protection by an anti virus software is taken by Norton, Bull Guard, Bit defender, McAfee and Panda Dome. Most of these software are paid software as it provides the access to the entire features after purchasing the premium version only. The highest rating goes to the norton anti virus as its features and range of fighting different types of viruses and malwares are a tad bit high more than the rest.

Many software like Avast and Avira are free of cost too if you are looking for some free help. Make sure you update the software on time as each software we are using gets the ability to defend against new threats with each updates. Nowadays everything is available in crack versions also.

If you are able to come across any of such deals, make a try for it but make sure the download is happening from a trusted source because there is possibility that your anti virus cracked version maybe accompanied by some viruses too.

How can I protect my computer for free?

There is a lot of ways for you to protect your computer for free. First of all, if you have a windows version of 8 or higher, its having an inbuilt security system called essential security. Its a powerful defender tool which is free of cost. Make sure the update is on time. Other ways to protect is in your hands only. make sure the firewalls are on at all times. Dont keep computer on with internet for a lot of time without anyone near it. It may become a favorite target for the hackers looking for a loop hole.

Regular checking of the computer for any distortions or password changing is required too. Don’t settle for an easy guessable password. Use a harder password which is tougher to crack and also opt for multi security or locks. And also don’t fall for spams and phishing mails. A simple response may give the hacker an opportunity to compromise your passwords and steal valuable data.

Regular scanning the external data being taken into the computer and also checking of the internal memory for files infected and thus remove it for preventing the spreading.

How do I clean my computer of viruses and malware for free?

Once infected by any viruses or malwares, the best option to do is format the system for a fresh start. For such a thing to happen, we need to make sure all ours main files are in a same and sound backup location for even when the computer is compromised and a need comes to clear it, none of the main data is lost. So make sure you backup the main files in case of your computer being infected and also a need for format comes.

Scanning the computer regularly for any viruses or malwares is another best option. Also making sure you scan external memory devices when they are being connected to your system for any harmful stuff is also a best way. Because once the harmful stuff has entered, its gonna spread and compromise your system and will become harder to remove.

Having a good anti virus is a good security for your computer always. Make sure you update the software often.

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What does a malware virus do?

It may slow down your computer, corrupt the files, compromise your passwords and may erase important files.

Is malware a virus?

A virus can be categorized as a special type of malware which causes propblem by changing the codes. A malware is anything that can be a malicious software which will bring harm to a system.

What is a malware virus definition?

A virus is a special type of malware which causes issues to the files and software in a system by changing the basic coding.

How can you protect your computer against viruses and malware?

Use a good anti virus, scan and clean the system regularly.

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