Telegram for PC – Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10, and MAC (2021 Latest)

What is Telegram for PC?

We all must be used to seeing telegram being operated in mobiles on Android platforms for a long time now. Telegram for PC platforms is also not rare nowadays. For those who haven’t used or seen it, Telegram is a highly end-to-end encrypted messaging application like WhatsApp, Signal, etc., and also have much more facilities than all these. It is not so popular in Asian countries but very popular in European and American countries. It has many interesting features which would make you really love it and stick to it. It is a cloud-based messaging app.

Let us dive a bit too deep into the amazing world of this app.

How to Use Telegram on PC?

Telegram is a very useful messaging app that allows us to install and enjoy this app on every major platform available today like iOS, MAC, Android, Windows, etc. It is very secured and also enables us to create groups with thousands of members. Each group can allow unlimited messaging to be carried out and also share files worth GBs.

One small disadvantage commonly seen on telegram for pc is that the video calling option is not that efficient compared to WhatsApp. Apart from that, it is very useful as it literally allows us to share big files in whatever format we like and receive them too.

Creating an account in Telegram for PC

You need a valid phone number to create an account in Telegram. The mobile number verification is done through an OTP sent via SMS to the provided mobile number. We can use the same account of Telegram on various devices with the help of the linking feature available on the app. The linking is mostly done by scanning QR codes.

From Settings, Select Devices

The account left inactive for six months straight will be automatically deleted by the app. We can also remove our account or delete it any time we want. The last seen option can be set as per our needs just like in WhatsApp.

Once the signing-in is over, you can see all your contacts being synced and ready to use. To find the contacts you just have to touch the messaging button on the bottom right of the screen.

Based on your likes, you can add groups and contacts and enjoy the chat. For groups, go to the info section of the group for the invite link.

Features of Telegram for PC.

The application’s biggest advantage is that it has no in-built advertisements which kill your patience. The app is very smooth and the user interface is designed to allow even users with basic knowledge can operate it.

Just like in YouTube and all, people can make their own channels and share their own content. Also, there is a huge limit set for adding people into the group, and also high storage files worth GBs can be shared. The app is not having any in-built advertisements which make us free from boredom. Also, it means no data sharing with third-party groups.

Telegram for PC also has a secret chat option and also self disappearing messages. In total it is a very useful messaging app that is capable to go toe to toe with WhatsApp in terms of comparing its special features and security.

App NameTelegram (For PC)
Last UpdatedMay 2021
Latest version2.7.4
PlatformWindows 7,8, and 10 (MAC also)
Downloads 2M +
DeveloperTelegram LLC
Rating4.1 / 5


The advantages of Telegram for pc are mainly its capability of creating large groups which are capable of sharing high size files. Also, it is having high security in terms of end-to-end messaging.


The main disadvantage we can feel for the PC version of the telegram is that it still hasn’t caught up with the mobile version in terms of features. Also, it is very confusing to add contacts compared to WhatsApp and their import option is not available. Also, we can clearly see that telegram has no wide reach compared to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Downloading and installing Telegram for PC

We all know how to download and install Telegram app for iOS and Android version. It is searchable from Play store and also Apple store.

When it comes to PC version of the app, there is an online site available on which we can directly use it without downloading anything into the PC. The other one is by downloading the application and then installing it.


  1. Go to Telegram’s official website and click on Telegram for Windows. A file will be automatically downloaded to the PC.
  2. Install the downloaded files from the saved location which is in most cases, the Downloads folder.
  3. Automatically installation will be complete once you initiate it. Once, the installation is complete you can open the app and start using it.

Download for PC

Download for Android and iOS

Device Linking

It is very easy to link two or more devices simply scan the QR code from the PC and thus Telegram account will be linked in both and devices and becomes usable.

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Similar Apps

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Hangouts
  • Line messenger
  • Signal


Telegram for PC is one of the best apps for messaging. The Android version is much better than the PC version for now. The telegram for PC is still getting upgraded to become useful like the Android version. The usability of the app is good as it is having high security in messaging and also very high features.

Also because of being on many platforms, it is very beneficial to be used on many devices with different OS.

Just download it and enjoy it…


Is telegram for PC similar to signal app?

Yes. Both are extremely good apps in messaging. Both are very safe but I prefer telegram.

Is telegram available for online usage?

Yes. Just go to official website and there you can scan the QR code so you can use the account online.

Is telegram usable on MAC?

Yes. It is available. Please check the download option above to download it.

Is telegram having voice call options?

Yes. it does but video calls are having some issues on PC

Is Hindi language available on Telegram as default languages?

No. For now its not available. Maybe in future.

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