Some Tricks to spot a phishing email and avoid it in 2021

What is phishing?

Today, one of the most common cybercrime comes with a huge impact on theft of personal data loss and money loss from accounts. Its named as phishing. Phishing is nothing but abduction of personal data like identification ID details, bank account details, personal data etc. from people via spam mails, calls and other means.

Most of the time, the phishing results in money loss from banks. Its operated in such a way that by showing emergencies to people, they get access to personal information which gives them easy access to the rest of the process of stealing money.

What harm can a phishing email bring to us?

The phishing email is harmless until you reply it. The moment you reply a phishing email, the attacker can get access to your usernames, passwords and even data stored personally.

He can change passwords, withdraw money, do fraud work using your account, sell your private information to others, leak personal data etc. Phishing can have an effect on our entire life as it causes both financial issues as well as mental strains in a large proportion. The best option to safeguard against such issues is to ignore any suspicious unknown mails.

How to avoid phishing email?

The best way to avoid phishing via email is to ignore the mail and not to reply it. The hacker will only be able to hack your details only if you respond to the mail. Usually, the phishing mails are based on some attractive topics, or something important to you or even some emergencies or attractive offers for you which is hard to resist.

We cannot block phishing mail completely as it may come from different sources. Tracking it is also hard to do. the best safety as said before is to not to fall for blind offers and fake mails. Observe any suspicious activity.

Also one of the most likely ways is to have an escape pod from these kind of spam and harmful mails and all is through having a good malware cum virus protection software (anti virus) in your PC.

I personally use McAfee but i also prefer other powerful anti virus software like WeBroot, Kaspersky, Norton etc.

Also regular updating of mobile software and security is also a good way to help us to get not spammed. Another way is regular updation of passwords and also setting multi authentication security for mobiles and also computers. Also backing up your data into cloud space or a hard disk is a good way to stop data loss. Make sure its not connected to home network.

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What is a phishing kit?

A phishing kit is something we can get access to at Dark net which will enable a person to do phishing. It mostly includes a set of tools online which can fake location, create data stealing scripts of credential pages and also in the end this data is compressed into a zip file and taken into the phishing kit. Then spam mails can be send to the collected information based users.

The most of the phishing issues happen in paypal followed by amazon, facebook, microsoft and ebay.

Types of Phishing

Phishing can be categorized based on the targets the mails choose.

Spear phishing is a type of phishing targeting a specific individual where he may be getting mails referring to his work, friend circle etc. and later asking for personal data and all.

Whaling or whale phishing is mainly based on targeting top management like CEO and all. They usually target vulnerable board members and collect the data through various means.

Other type of phishing include clone phishing, vishing, snowshoeing etc.

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One of the biggest threats to our assets come via internet is a cybercrime through phishing. Phishing normally comes through ads, texts, mails, calls etc. There is no way to stop it completely but we can be careful about it.

Attending of calls from unknown numbers and also responding to spam mails is the only way to get into fraud traps. We can only avoid such issues by ignoring these mails and calls. Make sure you don’t share any personal data on mails or texts or calls.

FAQs on Identifying Spam Email

1. What could be a good indicator of a spam email?

A good identifier would be mails without really mentioning your name but still send from a source with the name of a place or a person who knows you. Other ways is like getting a mail requesting OTPs and personal data etc.

2. What are two main signs of spam emails?

If the mail address is not familiar after the ‘@’ section, be careful. Also be careful while opening mails in spam folder. Can contain harmful links and even viruses.

3. How do you know if someone is spamming you?

Your acquittances may talk about messages not send by you but in your name or your account. Also sluggish movement of computers and finding messages in send folder which was not send by you are all signs of you being spammed.

4. How do you stop spam email?

The truth is we cannot spam emails. How many times you block them, it still keeps on coming. But a good thing is that most such mails are found in the spam folder. So we can simply ignore them. Some good anti virus software may even shred such mails the moment it arrives.

5. What are examples of phishing attacks?

Spear phishing, Whaling, link manipulation, content injection etc. are examples of phishing attacks.

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