Soundhound for PC – Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10, and MAC (2021 Latest)

What is Soundhound for PC?

Has there been any situation for the music lover inside you, where you are not able to identify music which you love? Worry not because Soundhound for PC is your answer for all these problems.

It is similar to the Shazam app but may or may not be better considering the features. Its all in your hands to experience and find it out for yourself. It is a smart app which can be launched with your voice and we may even expect full control over the app with voice soon.

Working of Soundhound for PC

This app can listen to music or short songs and identify the song or music along with its genre, artist, album and even its lyrics. I wouldn’t say the app is always correct but still if you have to ask how good it is in identifying the music, I would say about 90%.

We can use our voice for searching the music or song we love. Also it is able to provide the top rated and hottest music around you based on ranks.

Features Of Soundhound for PC

The main point to note is that Soundhound is not a PC app but an Android or iOS platform based one that is, designed for Mobile phones or tablets. We need an emulator software to use this on PC which is a simple and easily available one.

The soundhound app can identify any piece of song or music which maybe a humming or even one with lyrics with maximum efficiency and accuracy. The application shows all the details like artist, album, release date, genre and also lyrics of the song once it gets detected successfully.

soundhound for pc

This application is compatible with Spotify so we can transfer and play the playlists of spotify too. You can also stream the music of spotify on this app too.

The discovered songs can be useful and playable using the in-built player of YouTube. It is compatible with other apps like Pandora or Apple music.

The app is very useful in discovering new trends in your nearby regions in the form of a rank or list. Can play and download and make your won playlist to enjoy anytime.

Suitable for children as its identifying range goes up to even children’s songs. While the app delivers suitable results with its specifications like artist who sang it, album of which the song is part of, etc., it also provides the download link for iTunes most of the times which is an added advantage.

App Name Soundhound for PC
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Windows
Year of Release2017
Editor’s Rating4.4/5
Space required30MB

Basic Requirements – Soundhound for PC

The PC should have the following features to run this app along with the emulator without any issues.

  • A processor with a min. clock speed of 1 GHz.
  • A RAM with a minimum capacity of 3 GB.
  • Storage space of 1 GB, which is not only for the app but also for the emulator setup. We recommend five GB minimum though, for the smooth functioning
  • An updated version of Visual C++ and also .Net framework.
  • Its better if the computer has special softwares for increasing or boosting speed.
  • An updated DirectX version should be installed on the PC.
  • 1 GB worth graphics card.

Downloading and Installing Soundhound on PC

As mentioned before, the Soundhound app is mainly designed for Mobile that is Android and iOS mainly. So in order use it on a PC, we need the help of a software called emulator.

install soundhound

The best known emulators today are Bluestacks, Memuplay and NOX Player. Bluestacks 5 is the latest version released and it is the most downloaded emulator today as its facilities are top notch. Memuplay is mainly designed for playing games but other apps can be opened using it too.

The download options are given above for all these emulators and all you have to do it touch the names of the emulators above.

After downloading the emulator, install it. Its an easy step. Once installed, open the emulator, and log in to your google play account or apple store. Once the logging in is completed, search the name of the app using the search option; in this case, it is Soundhound app.

Once the soundhound for pc app is found, download it and let it be installed. Once installed you are free to use the app as per your wish.


Similar Apps like Soundhound for PC

  • Shazam
  • Soundclo
  • Spotify
  • Musixmatch
  • Pandora
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Soundhound for PC is one of the best apps in town when it comes to identifying a music or song and getting its details. It is very simple to use and its interface is very friendly. There is no need for a high end featured PC too to use this.

It is free to download and use. Just go above, touch the download option and enjoy the day with some top class music.


Is Soundhound better than Shazam?

I would say yes in terms of accuracy.

Can you hum into Soundhound for PC?

That’s one of the best features of Soundhound. It can recognize humming also and predict the music or song.

What to do when you can’t find a song as I don’t know anything about it?

Use Soundhound – an app designed to recognize songs based on the voice based input it is given.

Is soundhound available for desktop?

At present, no…but you can still emulate it on PC.

Is Soundhound very accurate?

I would say it is from my personal experience. But once a while it may be wrong though…

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