SONMA Typing Expert for PC Download Free for Windows 10, 7, 8, and Mac

What is SONMA Typing Expert?

SONMA typing expert is a Windows-based Indian application that focuses on bilingual typists so as to make their typing easier than normal typing practice applications. It is very useful considering two languages that are, both Hindi and English. It focuses on developing your language typing skills in a short period of time even if you are not fluent in handling the language pretty well.

It has a very user friendly interface which helps us use the application very easily. With this test application software, you can regularly practice and develop your essential skills in typing both the languages. Accuracy and speed is everything in typing. So how much you improve your typing skills, the better and handy it comes in your life and future professions.

The app is developed on Windows platform suitable for OS Windows 8 version mainly and also nowadays its available for Mac version too. With one million plus downloads from the store, its proven to be useful and trending for those who want to be experts in English and Hindi.

Working of SONMA typing expert

We have many translator software or convertor software for translating the English words to Hindi and vice versa. But when coming to the keyboard facilities of both languages, simple translation may not be enough and may even prove very hard for typists to make a phrase that is correct in terms of meaning.

For solving such an issue of confusion in interchanging the words between languages, SONMA typing expert comes with many worksheets and exercises for helping us solve the confusion and understand the process well. It usually has a standard Hindi keyboard and a QWERTY English keyboard for the purpose of training.

When it comes to Hindi language, there are many stages set for you to practice which is based upon your level of language understanding and handling skill. From beginners as we go up, the sentences become tougher and complex. There is a shuffle option for the exercises as well.

Another useful feature available in SONMA typing expert is the recorder options of the statistics based on accuracy and speed. The applications records each of the exercises you complete and rank the same in terms of your accuracy and speed thereby giving us an opportunity to check ourselves whether we are improving or not. We can save different statistics with different names and also set time limit for tests to be taken.

The languages can be changed with a single click on your mouse, which is pretty simple in terms of handling.

Exercises in SONMA Typing Expert

In order to increase your accuracy and speed, trust me, there is no shortcut. Regular practicing is important. The exercises are designed in such a way that you can select the level you are at from the options available and also as per the chosen option, the exercises and workbooks will be available to you for starting your practice.

The difficulty level and also the grammatical substance in the sentences and exercises will be basic in the beginners level and the difficulties will be higher and higher as you go up the level. Each exercise is based on the sentences, group of words, characters, and special characters, etc.

It is pretty advisable that, unless you are sure that the exercises at a particular level is starting to be easy for you to complete, do not move on to the next level.

Pros and Cons of SONMA typing expert

The major advantage found for the application is nothing other than its easy user interface. Anyone with basic knowledge can easily access the application.

It being an application which is able to record your growth in terms of accuracy and speed is a very useful feature.

Another advantage is the multiple exercises available for users based on their ability or skill level. It being used for personalized goals is an added bonus

When you are looking for a con in the app, the major one is that only two languages are set in the application for using and learning and cannot be incremented. Another problem (which is almost fixed by the way by now) is the app having minor glitches.

App Name SONMA Typing Expert
PlatformWindows (Mainly version 8)
Downloads1 Million
Last UpdatedMar 2021


The installation procedure is very easy when checked upon in the English language. But if you opt for the Hindi language, there will be some issues in the process as some characters may not get displayed in the proper form. Once installed, the application should be easy to use.

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Is SONMA typing expert useful in learning Hindi typing?

Yes. It has a very user friendly interface and tons of level based exercises to learn Hindi as well as English language.

Does SONMA Typing Expert give scores?

Yes. As per the accuracy and speed you have in each of the tests, SONMA typing expert has the ability to provide statistics in the form of ranks. Thus self evaluation is made easy for the user without other means.

Does it support any other languages other than Hindi and English?

No. At present, only two languages are included in the app for practice. But in terms of exercises and easiness to try it, we can see that this app is a much better one.

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