Shazam For PC download for Android, Windows 7, 8, 10 and iOS or Mac

What is Shazam?

Well, if you are expecting a magical item that you can use to transform into some kind of a superhero just by saying the word SHAZAM…, well you are wrong. But how about a pretty interesting app that has magical powers and can help you out by identifying any song of your choice just by listening to a portion of the song? Sounds interesting…?

Most of us are music lovers. While listening to a lot of music, whether it being full songs or cut portions, most of the time, we find ourselves being in a situation where we are not familiar with the song.

We want to download the song, but we are unable to do so because of many reasons like not knowing about the song nor understanding the lyrics. We search alot to get the details and sometimes its all in vain. Do not worry anymore. We have got the perfect solution for you – Shazam, an application developed for identifying and recognising songs just by hearing to it and seaching online for the same lyrics it takes in.

The best thing about this app is that even though the Shazam app was developed for only iOS and Android platforms, now is also available for Windows (the desktop version).

We may doubt how it is useful in desktop as the naturally suited means for using this app is definitely a mobile. Well, while we are watching Netflix or TV, with the help of a laptop with Shazam, its quite easy to function too but its a home only solution for sure.

Features of Shazam app

App NameShazam
SizeVaries with Device
PlatformAndroid, Windows 7, 8, 10 and iOS
Developer Apple, Inc.
GenreMusic and Audio

The most important feature of Shazam is that it can identify any tune of a music which can be from podcasts, adverts, radio or a soundtrack. Also it can access the video of a song hosted on YouTube.

Your activities can be shared on Social media apps like instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. and also follow the lyrics of the song being played. You can also read about the opinions or biographies of creators of music here.

It has a huge database for music and is also very useful to making a large random collection. There is also a live tiles option which enables you to enjoy your music without opening the shazam app.

The app is very useful because it can be can be browsed simultaneously along with other apps also in the platform.

There is an additional bonus in the app as it displays the ranked list of the top charts in your region. Know about them, experience new musicians and their magical works and keep up with the trends in the regional music field.

Downloading and Installing Shazam App

As mentioned before, recently Shazam app has been introduced on Windows platform. So we are able to download and install it now directly from online sites. But if you fail to find the desktop version, you can always opt for the android or iOS version with the help of an emulator like bluestacks, NOX player, Memuplay, etc.

I would personally prefer Bluestacks as the new version which is more powerful named Bluestacks 5 is available for download now.

After the installation of the emulators, open it and log into your google play account or Apple store account. Using the search option, find the correct app required, in here, Shazam app, and then download and install the app. After that open the app and enjoy as you can.


The app is very useful for all music lovers like me who have a lot of trouble finding some random songs from just a piece from the soundtrack.

The main focus of the app developed by Apple, Inc. was to make sure we won’t miss any favorite music of us just because of knowing much about it.

The added gift seems to be the large random libraries of music we can make using the app and also the huge database available. The app is also able to follow the lyrics which is better for those users who like to know more about the lyrics specifically.

There is an additional bonus to see the top charts of music hit in your country and also the ranked list gives us the idea of the music with most rating and popularity.

It’s a wonder app considering the features it provides. Let’s download the app and experience the magic for ourselves. SHAZAM…!!!!!

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Is Shazam app available on Windows platform?

Luckily, the recent news states that the windows platform is also made available by the Apple, Inc.

Is is possible to identify music from adverts?

Yes, definitely it is possible. I had tried it myself.

Is it useable in my Mac?

Yes. But for now with the help of a very good emulator like Bluestacks, Memuplay, or Nox player. The download link for all these emulators is given above in the download and install section of the article.

How to Install the Shazam app on PC?

It is very easy to install the app on the PC and for now it is better with the help of an emulator.

Can Shazam be used Offline?

Yes, fortunately for us, offline operating of the app is also available but accuracy is a bit reduced compared to the online self of the app.

Is it useful being installed in the PC?

Well, it entirely depends upon you my friend, if you feel you have a use, go for it. Else opt for the mobile version and enjoy.

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