Raji Game For PC Windows 7, 8, 10

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an Indian action and adventure game this game is developed by nodding heads games in India. It was released on 15 October 2020, it is available on multiple platforms like Microsoft windows, play station 4 and Xbox One. The game assimilated Hindu and Balinese mythology, and this game was inspired by Ramayana and Mahabharata. Graphically game is designed in Pahari paintings.

In this game we can see complete Indian culture and stunning artwork, this is a challenge game and it is a single player game mod. Every corner in this game environment is drawn in the Pahari paintings which makes game so epic.

What is Raji game?

This game is between Raji and the demons, Raji is an Orphaned circus performer, her only family is her younger brother Golu, he is a story teller in this game. On the day of Raksha Bhandan demon’s attacks on the place where this siblings work, and from demon’s army three of them kidnaps Golu. This forces Raji to go on a journey to get her brother back.

Goddess Durga supports Raji while lord Vishnu doubts Raji for support, Raji runs temple of Durga and she gets Divine Trishul from Durga, Which she uses to kill the demons.

The mastermind behind the Golu kidnaping and demons king and demons lord is lord Mahabalasura. He is a powerful and knowledgeable demon. He did penance to get power and knowledgeable from lord Brahma.

After his achievement Mahabalasura reunites his people and demons to destroy earth. Lord shiva got anger by his bad activities and bad behavior and finally lord shiva imprisoned Mahabalasura but after some years Mahabalasura has returned.

Raji follows the demons who took Golu and other many children, Raji gifted a Divine bow by lord Vishnu which shows direction of demons fort. The demons chief send Golu to Mahabalasura via a magical portal before Raji came. As Raji kills the chief, Golu reaches Mahabalasura’s kingdom.

Raji is sent to Hiranya Ngari, it is a heaven city of lord Vishnu. But this city has been taken over by Rangada, Rangada is a powerful queen demon. Rangada poisoned the city water and puts demons on the guard for city, Raji running through the city and kills Rangada minions.

She is also gifted with sword and shield by the two deities which are watching while she fighting with demons. Finally, Raji conquer Rangada and then is taken Mayura, a giant white peacock by a mystic, to stop Mahabalasura.

As she reaches the land of mystic, Raji finds that many of them have been killed or turned in stone statue by Mahabalasura. After fighting through demon crew and calming the giant serpent naga which is guardian of this land, she faces Mahabalasura to fight.

But in fight Raji got wounded near to death and Mahabalasura got escaped to take revenge on Raji and gods for imprisoned him, and he plans to destroy the Heavan. Raji got revive and reunite with her brother Golu, In this war Raji has been chosen as a warrior to destroy Mahabalasura.

Raji leaves his brother in mystic land, and starts her journey towards to the thar desert for Mahabalasura, Raji got Sudarshan chakra from lord Vishnu to kill Mahabalasura, Sudarshan chakra is a powerful weapon.

Features of Raji: An ancient epic game for pc

This is an action-adventure game, a perfect graphical game. It has single player game mode.

Rich in story

It is a dramatic story, epic characters of this game are siblings Raji and Golu, and war between Gods and Demons. Golu was kidnaped by demons and Raji fights with demons for get back her brother Golu, demons lord Mahabalasura was behind this masterplan, Mahabalasura is a powerful demon and he wanted to destroy heaven and earth. So Gods choose Raji to fight with Mahabalasura. This game shows Indian culture and stunning art work.

Art work

The art which shows Indian culture, inspired by Indian mythology. Every corner of this game drawn in Pahari paintings, hand free made textures and rendered in 3D, this game is designed with India Hindu and Balinese mythology, so it’s brought epic new style for gaming lovers.

Challenging fight

In this game weapons are variety and power full, and Raji uses unique fighting style moves to kill demons, to defeat demons crew Raji uses traditional weapons like Trishul and Sharanga bow.

How to download Raji game on pc?

Raji: An ancient epic game is available on Microsoft windows, play station 4, Xbox Xone. This is a paid game you can download and buy from store.steampower.com and epicgames.com

How to install Raji game on PC?

  • Go to the Raji: An Ancient Epic game official website.
  • Then chose a website platform steampower.com or epicgames.com to download game.
  • It will take you to the downloading page, then scroll down you will get buy option some game additions are available in deferent price for windows pc chose what you want and click on buy.
  • Site asks account and password of stem website, enter if you have or create new one.
  • Then make payment it will take you to downloading page then click on download .
  • Now your game is downloading.
  • After the completion of downloading open game file and extract the file and open the extracted file click on setup.
  • After setup you will get the game on menu, double click on game and open it play it have fun in game.

How to play Raji: An Ancient epic game on pc

  • With the help of above steps setup the game and open it.
  • Then login with you are account email.
  • You have to use you are mouse and some special keys of keyboard to run the character, to pick up weapons and to fight with demons.
  • After that game will take you to story mode and it shows story of siblings how they caught by demons.
  • After that story game will be start and you will get instructions while playing the game.
  • Follow the instructions play the game get the weapons and defeat the demons.

Last Words about Raji Game for pc

Raji: An Ancient Epic game is a fully graphical game and epic story game it is a best action and adventure game. This game is inspired by India and infused Hindu and Balinese mythology. In this game everywhere only you can see handmade crafts and Pahari style paintings. You can see unique and creative fighting style.

This futures and designs brings an epic style to this game. This is a full of action and adventure, story mode and creative and rich culture based game.

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FAQs On Raji: An Ancient Epic game

Can I play Raji game on mobile?

No, Raji game is only for pc, play station and Xbox Xone.

Is Raji a real story?

No, it a gaming drama story.

Is Raji free on steam?

No, Raji game is not free on stem you should buy the game.

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