PUBG: NEW STATE Game For PC Windows 7, 8, 10

PUBG: NEW STATE Get ready for original battle ground game, this is an all new PUBG game which calls PUBG: NEW STATE. This game is published by Krafton company. This game is designed for android and iOS, it is not available in India maybe it will come, in other countries you can pre-register, it is in upcoming status. This game will be lunch in 2021-April. You can pre-register on official website for pc you have to download emulators to run this game.


SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
Operating SystemWindows, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Mac
Update3 Days ago

It is an original battle ground game, it has single and multiplayer game mode you can play with you are friends or single. It is a hundred player’s game, in this game one or with 4 players crew who can survive till end of this game he or his crew will win the game.

PUBG: NEW STATE is a full of action game, it is a shooting game. In this game 8×8 km large map is available. It is not an old version of PUBG game, it is a next generation and a perfect next level game because this game concept is based on future year 2051.

It has fully realistic and dynamic game play because there is only little bit of forest and complete game is only in budlings, parks and cities. PUBG: NEW STATE is a fully upgraded game in this game weapons, vehicles and equipment’s are upgraded to next level which are easy to use. New map TROI is a modern world map, it is a full graphical map.

PUBG: NEW STATE has newly upgraded modern guns, scops like 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, granites, creates, air drop, new customized sports cars, trucks and Drones are also available it is a new concept in PUBG: NEW STATE game, this Drones concept brings a modern look to this game, with the help of this drones you can find enemies.

PUBG: NEW STATE has Newly upgraded items like Headgears, Armoredvests, Backpacks and power full weapons like Miscellaneous weapons, Submachine guns, Assault rifles, snipers, and pistols. Throwable weapons granites, flash granites, smoke granites are also upgraded in modern look.

Consumable items painkillers, adrenalin syringe, energy drink, first aid kit, med kit and bandage for recover damaged player health.

PUBG: NEW STATE game has a large battle ground map which is covered with blue circle from outside, blue circle begins to shrink down every few minutes to a particular location, player who are at inner side of blue circle they are in safe zone and players who are at outside of the blue circle they will going to lost health and eliminated from game.

At inner side of blue circle there is a one more warning zone is appearing at some times, and this zone is called Red zone. Red zone is standing only some areas and only for some couple of seconds. Whoever stands at red zone area those players will be lost their life in game because in the red zone some bomb like structures fell down to kill players.

And players kill each other in this game to survive till last and win the game, so who can survive till last end of this game one player or his crew will win the game.

PUBG: NEW STATE game has dynamic graphics which brings a cinematic look to this game. This game is upgraded in modern style like modern advanced weapons, customized sports cars, drones, new map, budlings, parks, cities by this modern upgradation of this game it’s brings a new look and fun to this game, it is a full of action game. Who love PUBG game and action games he will defiantly love PUBG: NEW STATE game.

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Features Of PUBG: NEW STATE Game For PC

This game is available only for Android and IOS devices not for pc, for pc you have to download best emulators to run this game in pc, best emulators is Bluestocks. PUBG: NEW STATE is not lunched yet because you have to wait for lunching, you can pre-register on official website of this game or in Bluestocks.

PUBG: NEW STATE is fully upgraded in modern look.

  • Specially in this game we can see drones, with the help of these drones we can find enemies wherever they hide.
  • TROI 2051 is a newly upgraded large 8×8 km map.
  • New upgraded customizable sports cars and trucks.
  • New weapons guns granites are available for players.
  • New skins for guns, vehicles, headgears and also available for wearable items like clothes, footwears etc…
  • Realistic and dynamic graphics we can see in this game.

How to Download PUBG: NEW STATE Game On PC?

This game is available for android and iOS devices not for pc, but you can download for pc by using of best android gaming emulator Bluestocks.

Bluestocks is an android gaming platform which converts android games into pc games, so you can run android games in pc easily.

  • First you have to download Bluestocks from google in you are PC.
  • Then open Bluestocks and click on google play store and login with you are google play store email id.
  • And then search for PUBG: NEW STATE game in search bar.
  • If that game is in pre-register state, you have to register and wait for lunching, if game was lunched you can download it.
  • After download you have to change controls of this game.
  • For changing controls click on the Quiton mark icon in bluestocks.
  • Edit controls as you want then click on save, now all set you can open and play the game.

Install PUNG: NEW STATE Game on PC

  • Read above mentioned instructions for download and install game.
  • If you are region is India you have to download VPN aap to run this game because Indian government banned PUBG game, maybe this game will come India in futures because this game publisher is KRAFTON this company is not related to china.
  • Download VPN aap from Microsoft store or Bluestocks to run this game.
  • Download and install VPN aap, open VPN aap and select country region.
  • All set now you can play the game.

How To Play PUBG: NEW STATE Game on PC?

As I mentioned above instructions read it and do it step by step then open the game login into the game after that check once all controls, if you want to change controls you can change it from blustocks aap as I mentioned above or change it from game. Then play the game, enjoy the game.


Is PUBG: NEW STATE is free for pc?

yes, this game is free for android and IOS devices, it is not available for pc but you can download by using emulators for pc.

Can I play PUBG: NEW STATE for pc?

yes, because this game is designed for android and IOS mobile devices.

What is the size of PUBG: NEW STATE game?

not specified yet, it may be normal pubg game size like approximately 2gb or 3gb.

is PUBG: NEW STATE Free on Steam?

this game is not available on steam.

Last Words About PUBG: NEW STATE Game for pc

It is an online multiplayer open world game, it has full of action and dynamic gameplay, it has realistic graphics which brings crazy look to this game, this game concept is based on 2051 future year and it has new advance level weapons and cars etc…it will be lunch in 2021-April maybe, all gaming lovers will be going to love this game and love to play this game because of this game modern look and modern gameplay futures.

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