How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Tower Radiation

Any sort of radiation is harmful to living organisms if exposed to it for a long time. Each day the power of radiation we are being exposed to is being increased dreadfully. The damage it can do to the living cells of each creatures is immeasurable. 

Most of us, even though being educated, still keep neglecting this fact as devices emitting radiation as well as utilizing heavy radiation sources has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. In time, we may understand how foolish we were to depend upon such sources at the cost of our own health.

Let us all hope it may not be too late. So, what is radiation? How can it harm us? What can we do to prevent from taking the toll from these radiations? Many questions do appear in our minds…Let us dive a bit too deep into it.

What Is Cell Phone Tower Radiation?

Today, cell phone industry plays a key role as the major shareholders of radiation emitters. We are billions in numbers and so is the numbers of mobiles we hold. So, what is cell phone radiation? We can simply name it as RF energy. When expanded it becomes radiofrequency energy, which is a sort of electromagnetic radiation.

Mostly when mobile phones receive or send messages or access the internet, a particular type of energy is released which actually comes in contact with our body. When a TV is switched on, or when a microwave is working, such radiations are being emitted but not as much as when the mobiles are working.

Even the working of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth results in such emissions. Even though the RF energy is not as deadly as other rays, long time exposure can lead to diseases like brain cancer, skin diseases, sperm count decreasing etc.

Side Effects of Mobile Tower on house

  • Cell phone towers are the sources of high radiations. Nowadays, due to the invention of 5G based towers, the strength of radiations is enough to kill even small birds swiftly as it makes air toxic. Thus, it is advisable to construct towers 400 or 500m away from residential regions.
  • Children and pregnant women are most affected as it may result in deeper penetration of the radiation into the mild skin which may result in the weak immunity power.
  • Plants and trees near the towers exposed to high radiation may not be edible
  • Some towers are set up in highly populated residential areas in the form of water tanks, trees etc camouflaged. These does not follow any safety norms usually.
  • Sleep of living creatures are affected up to a certain limit.
  • The materials used in the building of houses are affected in due course of time due to continuous radiation exposure.
  • Any small cracks in the building leads to a huge amount of radiation to directly enter into the housing space.

How to Protect Yourself from Radiation

One of the most common radiation which affects us on a daily term is produced from mobile phone.

Few of the common means used to protect us from such radiation are – minimize the usage of mobile phone especially in low coverage regions; keeping away mobile phones away from head region while sleeping; keeping the mobile phone away from body parts especially like heart, kidney, reproductive system etc.

Other means include the construction of EMF Farady Canopy in bedroom and other private spaces to absorb radiations, using window films to block the entry via windows, using anti-radiation paint over the walls, usage of aluminum foils as EMF reducers in walls etc.

Anti Radiation Device for Home

Anti radiation device
  • One of the popular methods is the usage of shielding paints which reduces the radiation contamination up to 90% or more. It required a grounding setup so an electrician’s help is required.
  • For infants and children, the radiation causes severe damages and even lessens the sleep. Baby blankets with anti radiation protection is available in markets.
  • Canopies which can reduce and absorb radiation up to a certain percentage (80-90%) is available in markets. Sleeping under these canopies will give us a better sleep with much radiation.
  • For absorbing the negative RF energy generated when home appliances are working, electric filters are available in markets. It reduces the radiation surrounding us and thereby gives us a prolonged health. Compared to shielding paints, these filters are cheaper. For an average house, about 10 – 15 filters are advised to attach for best results.
  • Radiations pass seldom through concrete and brick walls, but more through windows. Coating windows with a layer of anti radiation film is very advisable to reduce radiation entry in to the house. Usage of Aluminum films in between walls or wall plasters is an excellent way to stop radiation passage up to a limit too.
  • Most devices which emit harmful radiation are found in kitchen like the microwave. It is highly advisable to attach vest shielding to such devices to avoid radiation to escape outside and affect us.
  • Using phones with less radiation capacity and also lessening the no. of mobile phones at home is an appreciable way to shoot down the radiation contamination percentage at home.


Radiation especially from cell phones and towers are one of the biggest problems we are facing today. It’s a silent killer which will make us ill without even knowing. Even though we ignore this fact most of the time, we all know that it has a huge impact on our mental and physical states. It’s not too late to control ourselves from using high radiation devices. As mobile phones and other devices are a necessity to our daily lives, we should at least opt for the usage of anti radiation measures.

FAQs on Cell Phone Tower Radiation

1.How can you protect yourself from cell tower radiation?

Opt out for the usage of anti radiation devices and measures like canopies, shielding paints etc.

2.What material can block cell phone radiation?

The Faraday fabric is proven to absorb radiation and reduce the damage done to outer cells.

3.Is it dangerous to live near a cell tower?

Yes, even though it is advisable to live 500 m or more away from cell towers, still the radiation effects are strong enough to make us fall ill.

4.How far away from a cell phone tower is safe?

Wherever you go today, radiation effects are not less. Still to reduce the effects its advisable to build houses nearly 500m or more away from towers.

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