Mumbai Gullies Game For PC Windows 7, 8, 10, etc.

One of the most attractive and addictive game we had played in our childhood would be vice city. The freedom to do whatever we want through games should have been one heck of an experience for us. Followed by vice city, liberty city and finally GTA series from San Andreas to 5.

Most of us should have dreamed of exploring the Indian streets in such kind of games. I would say our dreams have come true. Not only such a game is coming but also we get to explore the mystical streets of Mumbai.

What is Mumbai Gullies game?

It is an action-adventure game in which we can play as the main character of the game who bought up in the streets of MUMBAI. It is an open-world 3D game made by Nikhil Malankar from game makers – GameEon. The plot of the game is focused on a person living on the streets of Mumbai and it revolves around his life where he can conquer the streets of slums or even become the boss of the entire city from Gate of India to the slums of Dharavi.

The game was announced in September 2020 and since then everyone is anxiously waiting for the release of the game.

Features of Mumbai Gullies Game For PC

  1. Based on the idea of GTA and vice city. It is an open world game.
  2. The theme is set up on an Indian city like Mumbai which is dangerous and lavishing at the same time.
  3. The creators are opting out for a high speed engine for giving high speed performance.
  4. The graphics of the games is gonna be good too as the creators are trying to cooperate with other firms related to gaming and make this one a better game in all sense which can rival with the GTA series.
  5. As per the last review of the game by the creator himself, they will be releasing the game soon and also its available in the windows platform itself so no worries.
App Name
Mumbai Gullies
Release dateIn year 2021
App sizeUadate Soon
System RequirementsPC
Game PriceUadate Soon
Game Platform
Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac
OwnerNikhil Malankar
Game Developer CompanyGameeon Studio

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How to Download Mumbai Gullies Game on PC

Mumbai gullies can be seen as a low end game, which means the game can be played on PCs with low capacity and features too. The game is being released soon so the official download link is not available anywhere on the internet. But as per the creator team of the game, Mumbai gullies will be released for the desktops only at first and we can play it even on low end computers.

System Requirements

  1. Minimum Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor
  2. Windows 7 or above versions.
  3. RAM – 8GB or above
  4. DirectX version 9 or above
  5. Graphics – 2 GB or above
  6. Video RAM (dedicated) – 2GB or above
  7. GPU – Minimum 256 MB NVIDIA ® GeForce™ 8600 GT / ATI ® Radeon™ X 1950 (Shader 3.0)
  8. Free Space – To be announced when the game will be released.

Install Mumbai Gullies Game on PC

At present detailed view on the installation procedure is not available as the game is not released yet. The game is also not free of cost as the Digital download costs Rs.2000 nearly; Premium digital download for Rs.3500 nearly and the boxed edition with a cost of around Rs.7500 – 8000 almost.

The game installation will be better on PCs with given requirements and also from the hints released so far, admin mode installation is better. The better the features of the PC, the better the installation. Till now no news or info has been leaked regarding whether any android or mac versions will be available. So let us await and see what happens.

How to Play Mumbai Gullies Game on PC

The basic requirements for the game is given above. Its considered as a low end game but still is pretty adventurous and exciting as per the talk with the creator himself. You get an opportunity to play as a street boy of the dangerous yet beautiful Mumbai city and also to become the ruler aka don of the city through missions.

A visual online life awaits any Indian don lover to fulfil his wild dreams. Just like vice city, the world awaiting you will be full of dangers and exotic situations. Just like in real life, you can choose your own path. Either live normal or conquer the golden life.

Last Words about Mumbai Gullies Game For PC

Anyone who knows about the mysterious and luxurious hidden life of Mumbai will dream even once to become a star in the city. In real life we may not be able to but virtually it is possible not for anyone soon as here comes our very on vice city.

Exploring the life in the streets is gonna be a great adventure. Only issue is what to expect from the PC requirements, the game beholds for a smooth functioning. Also it is a paid game so unless a crack is available, most of us may have to wait as money is a problem. Still lets hope for the best. Awaiting the Indian vice city with lots of excitement.

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