How To Get Minecraft On PC Windows 10

Minecraft is a creative game that allows players to generate colorful world and players can build various objects, building structures and other things by using different 3D blocks. With creative imagination and with adventurous thoughts players can build a creative and crazy world with the help of 3D blocks. Because of its simplicity, constant environment and freedom of choice players can build larger world with the blocks.

Minecraft is an adventures sandbox video game developed by mojang. It is released on PC in 2011, Minecraft game quickly become most successful video game of all time.

After some years Minecraft game attracts so may peoples from teenage to adults till now and it has a huge fan base and bigger fan following, mostly the simply city of this game with complete craziness and adventures missions Minecraft game attracting so many peoples. Minecraft is an easy simple crazy and adventure game.

It is a creative game, survival game and also fun game, it will be much funny when players play together with friends, search together survive together and build together, the world of Minecraft is even better with friends.

Always something new tools new locations player will get, With the help of different kind of attacking weapons and different kind of refencing weapons plyers can survive. Players may discover and extract raw materials and craft tools.

Underwater fun also available in the life of ocean with the creatures of ocean, player can have fun with them, some creatures will fight with you while other creatures will become you are buddy, swim with fishes, dolphins and turtles.

Minecraft is easy to play in PC and desktop, game will run flawlessly no matter how old is you are pc. It requires common system resources for run the game, this game is available for windows PC, Linux, mac and also available for Xbox, Xbox version available in windows10 store.

Main features of Minecraft game

  • Single and multiplayer modes are available where players can play together with friends.
  • You can browse and explore unlimited creations made by other players.
  • With the help of building blocks you can customize you are own creations without any restrictions.
  • Modest system is required.
Game NameMinecraft
Operating systemWindows, Android & iOS
Offered byMojang

Game Modes

Survival mode:

In survival mode, players have to gather enough resources to build strong defend system in living space during day time, so they could defend night time from danger evils and enemies. In survival mode plyers have to survive from evil creatures like Skeletons, Zombies Spiders, Creepers, Endermen, silverfish and witches.

Zombies are slow moving monsters, zombies will die in sunlight. When you kill zombie it will drop an item like iron armor. Skeletons are in bone structures and skeletons are common in Minecraft, when they see you they will attack with bows and arrows. When you kill a skeleton it will drop an item arrow.

Creepers are so danger and explosives , when you get close to them creepers will shine and explode them selves. When a creeper dies it may leave gunpowder like substance with the help of that gunpowder you can make explosive weapons.

Spiders are poisonous and danger, there are two types of spiders, one is larger the larger one spawn anywhere and other one is cave spiders they are found in underground only. Spiders are don’t attack at day time until you attack. When spider dies it drop string which help you to making bows.

Endermens are teleport from one place to another so it’s hard to defeat them. Endermen don’t attack until you see them to close in eyes. Endermens don’t like water and they don’t teleport from water so you can defeat them in water or near the water. Witches are so dangerous and powerful witches live in hunts, they use poisons to attack on you and defend them selves from you are attacks.

Make bigger blocks wall and make physical barriers for defend you are land from Mobs.


Creative mode is a crazy and full of joy mode in Minecraft game, in this mode you can build whatever you want with unlimited resources, this is an open-world sandbox game, and for creative player they have unlimited resources to build anything, no need to spend much time for gathering resources, and no need to do mining for long time.


Adventure mode is deferent from creative mode and survival mode, it is a story based mode, in this mode building challenges are available for plyers where players can destroy buildings with right tools and players can fight with bad guys.


Hardcore mode is completely deferent with other gameplay modes, Hardcore mode is available only in Minecraft java edition. Hardcore mode is so challenging mode, only one life is available to survive in hardcore mode, here weapons, building blocks, tools, food items are available for survive. If player get hits too many time its game over! Player need to be eat food to survive long time and for run fast.

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How To Get Minecraft For Free on PC Windows 10

There are some simple steps to download Minecraft game free on pc windows10. The first way you have free trail and download option in Minecraft website. Minecraft game available in Microsoft store also. You can use emulators also for free downloading, Many emulators are available in market but most use full and popular emulators are Memuplay and blustocks.

Steps to get Minecraft for free on pc windows 10

Step-1: open the official website of the Minecraft on you are windows10 pc.

Step-2: Select menu and click on the free trail and download and then download the game on you are windows10 pc.

Step-3: After completion of downloading, open the game and enter the Minecraft account details, if you don’t have Minecraft account you can register.

How to get Minecraft for free on pc windows 10

Step-1: open the mojong website on you are browser.

Step-2: login with Minecraft email and password. Use same email and password where you used to bought Minecraft initial version.

Step-3: After that it will take you to downloading page, Find the suitable version of you are pc, Find the Minecraft for windows 10 version. Click on download for windows 10, it will show you on middle of the page.

Step-4: After that it will take you to the another webpage, there you have to click on “clime you are free copy” you should be redirected to the Microsoft store.

Step-5:Then click on the “Redeem”.

It will first take you to Microsoft login page, so you should login first with Microsoft email and password.

Step-6:Then wait for Minecraft to download, after downloading you should be able to find on desktop or start menu.

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