Tips To Increase Battery Life Of Windows 10 Laptop

Windows 10 is mainly based on the user interface which makes it much better to use. As feature and capacity increases, so does the battery usage. Most of the facilities included in this operating system is heavily battery consuming and thus if we do not optimize the usage of the applications and features in the Windows 10 operating system, it will lead to severe draining of battery.

Battery is the core of any laptop and so protection of battery means protection of laptop thereby increasing the productivity and longevity of the laptop. Unnecessary usage and full power mode usage of laptops will only lead to damage of battery and severe charging of laptop due to this reason will gradually reduce the total life cycle of the laptop battery resulting in both productivity loss and unwanted money loss for buying new ones.

How To Make Your Battery Last Longer Windows 10

  1. Even though most laptops activate power saving mode once the charge reaches 20-25%, it is advisable to turn on power saving option from 100% itself. The new battery (power) saver option has a sliding feature in the windows 10 version which is found in the task bar itself (right corner) which enables us to easily adjust the level of power saving you desire.
  2. Colorful themes and wallpapers consume a lot more charge compared to the black screen. So, adapt to black wallpapers and theme.
  3. Brightness consumes a lot from battery charge therefore, adjust brightness to a viewable limit only. Try to use cool mode or eye protector mode for an optimal bright screen. Its advantageous in terms of protection for eyes as well as in saving battery up to a considerable amount.
  4. Always check the power and sleep settings and set it to lesser time limit in order to maintain the battery usage. The more the screen is on without usage, the more the battery is consumed.
  5. Turn off sync option for social media application or email always unless it’s a necessity.
  6. Turn off the Bluetooth and WIFI if not in use.
  7. Most browsers including Chrome and Mozilla Firefox consume a lot more charge when being used. Adapt to browsers like Brave or Microsoft Edge as it is tested and proven to consume less charge than other browsers.
  8. Usage of minimum volume is advised while playing music and videos as more the volume, more the battery consumption. In case of laptops with sub woofer facility, try to use it only if needed as it requires even more charge.

Battery life extender – Windows 10

The Windows 10 Home and Pro versions are embedded with many options to save power and thereby consume less power. The battery saver is the most enticing among them as it automatically activates at 20 – 25 % of charge. We can even start saving power when its 100 % charge.

Another option is the powercfg which can be run in the command prompt. It’s a hidden tool which most of us doesn’t know. It helps us find out the hidden active applications which is feeding on the battery and shut it down till further use.

Even the power and sleep options which is to be set to a minimum as per usage helps to turn off the screen and cut off the battery consumption to a minimum level.

Even though the batteries manufactured today have the option to control over charging, it is advisable not to put on charge mode for a longer period of time even after its fully charged. It will protect batteries from weakening and becoming enlarged.

FAQs on Increase Battery Life Of Laptop

1.Is it bad to leave your laptop plugged in all the time?

Today, most of the batteries are made in such a way to not to get overcharged but other factors like heat generation and voltage fluctuation may drain or damage batteries.

2.How can I make my laptop battery life last longer?

Use power saver more, optimize the brightness and reduce unwanted usage.

3.How do I stop Windows 10 from draining my battery?

Optimize the PC using battery saver options and also use boosters and also unwanted background application shut down options more.

4.Should I shut down my laptop every night?

Yes, if you simply put the laptop in the sleep mode at nights without shutting it down, it stills consumes and drains the battery for keeping the work you had left off before sleep option is enabled.


The most important component for any laptop is its battery as it directly affects the performance and productivity attained from the laptop. As the operating systems gets updated and when new features arises in the system, it requires more and more power to function resulting in severe power drainage from battery of the laptop.

Immediate draining of more than once a day and also multi charging a day reduces battery life up to a considerable limit. By optimizing the day to day usage of the laptop and using the power (battery) save mode always will provide you a better and prolonged battery life. Also by learning to use laptop by adjusting its functions will make you get the best out of the battery and lessen the sudden drain. Thus all we have to do is to protect the battery more and thereby protect the laptop.

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