How to increase computer speed windows 10 pro

Microsoft is continuously checking for new features in their operating system in order to get them to the top position in the tech world. Starting from XP to Vista to 7, it has gone on and along the route of upgradation to the newly released Windows 10 version.

Windows 10 seems to be highly advanced compared to the others in terms of features and user friendly interface. It comes in 2 versions mainly – Windows 10 Home & Windows 10 Pro. When the Windows 10 Home version concentrates on the normal usage by every user in daily life, the advanced pro version mainly revolves around the professional life of the world like in a working atmosphere.

As the versions gets updated, in order to achieve the speed required for a smooth functioning, the laptops should meet up with certain requirements to provide the user a smooth functioning. If not having the requirements, by a few adjustments, we can get the optimal boost required.

Benefits of Speeding Up Computer

Today’s tech world revolves around fast work. The more the speed, the better. The most important part of the computer is its CPU or central processing unit. It is considered the Brain of the computer. So naturally, the faster the brain can work, the better the output will be.

The 2 features which defines the speed is the core and clock speed. Both are entirely different but work for achieving the same goal – speeding up the computer processor. In the matter of normal day to day works, normal speed is enough  but in case of using advanced software, higher speed is necessary to get the work done quickly without lagging or delays.

But the main point is that upgrading of a single feature does not help to achieve speed but the upgrading of all the necessary features like RAM, graphics, more hard disk space etc. Also for gaming users who like to play high graphics and ram required games, the need to have a laptop with higher facilities is a must as most normal computers wont even load the same.

Emailing and simple social media applications only use 1-2% of processor speed. But the situation which stresses the processor is the switching on of the computer or the booting process (initiation procedure). Thus, the speed increase may result in the increase in productivity and efficiency.

How To Increase CPU Speed Windows 10

The most important part of speeding up of the of the processor is the correct updating of software and drivers. Upgrading of a single component will not make any changes to the speed. So ensuring the proper updation will increase the speed.

Using of boosting software and also ensuring that only the necessary applications are working when logged on is another best way to preserve the speed. As the background running applications use the processor resulting in the decrease in speed.

Adjusting the visual settings like brightness will boost the speed of the processor.

Pause the unnecessary syncing as it consumes on processor capacity and also regular checking and freeing of the memory off the hard disk is always helpful in maintaining speed. The more the bigger files, the more time it takes to the find and load the file.

Reduce the special effects of the computer as it will reduce the usage of the processor to a lower level and thus, increases the speed of the other function. Also pause the onedrive sync option always to avoid unnecessary wastage of processor capacity.

Regular scanning and removal of malwares and viruses which are the main reason of hanging of the PC. Using a good updated anti virus is the best option. Some good anti viruses include Kaspersky, Newton, Avast etc.

Restoring the PC from a particular restore point always helps to bring back the lost speed.

Reduce the bloatware using the apps sections in control panel in order to increase the speed.


The brain of the computer, the processor is the central component of any PCs and proper monitoring of the same is one of the most important requirement to have a speedy and efficient system for any functioning.

The best way to increase speed is updating the software and drivers at all times but still in the end it all depends on how we manage the PC to an optimal state so as to maintain the clock speed of the processor. Keep it virus free and also malware free. Check the file size on the PC on regular basis. More space means less files and less files  means processor has to roam less t open files in location.

FAQs on How to increase computer speed

1. Which processor is best for Windows 10?

Most people feel the higher the processor version, the better, but the truth is there are some situations in which even the higher core and processor may not achieve the desired speed. It all depends on the optimal status of PC and how to maintain it.

2. How do I change my processor speed Windows 10?

You can change the speed in processor management option which is available in the “power”section of the settings.

3. How do I check my processor speed Windows 10?

The device specification option in the settings is where you can see the speed and other details regarding the processor. Just click ‘control+i’ for opening the settings.

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