How To Connect Two Computers Using Lan Cable In Windows 10

What is LAN?

LAN when expanded becomes Local Area Network. It is a cluster of computers connected together in a small surrounding like a school, office etc. It is mainly used for covering a small area. In some situations, there can be thousands of inter connected users in a LAN.

For covering larger areas, there is WAN (Wide Area Network) or MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). Sometimes, a wide area network or metropolitan area network may contain a cluster of Local area networks. The introduction of LAN happened in late 1970s. After that the usage and demand for this facility had no bounds.

What is a LAN cable?

A LAN as mentioned before is a group of computers connected together in a certain location which is small in size. The question which arises in most of the user’s mind when using his or her computer is how is a PC connected in a local area network. The answer is through the usage of a LAN cable.

Another confusion which arises when we go to get a LAN cable is whether the LAN cable is the same as networking cable or ethernet cable. The answer to this confusion is that LAN cable is the one and the same as Ethernet cable or networking cable. Just the name in which it gets known changes.

Thus, a LAN cable is the cable which connects computers through network switch and then a connection is formed between the network switch and the router or modem which has access to internet or ISP (internet service provider). There are different types of cables used to connect the computer. The fastest is the use of OFC or optical fibre cables. The ethernet cable which we use is normally copper mix wires.

Why use Lan Cable?

In today’s modern world speed and efficiency defines everything, the data speed provided to every pcs need to be fast in a network. While using WiFi and all, the most important thing to consider is that when tons of devices connects together, the speed should not weaken. Signals can get slowed down when passing through walls, when being interrupted by certain home equipment like TV, microwave etc.

In such cases using an ethernet cable to connect your device to the network is the best option. It gives more speed at the same time its much more safe than passing data through air in the form of signals which can be encoded by anyone who is capable. The data which is being passed through the cable can be only accessed by the users in local network if wanted only.

Network switch is used in case you have more devices to connect and lesser no. of ports in your device. The costlier the item, the more the facilities it will provide.

Best Way To Connect Two Computers Using Lan Cable In Windows 10

First of all, check whether both the computers will support the ethernet. If not we have to use an external ethernet adapter is required. Then connect both the computers using the cable (one end of the cable on the port of first computer and second end at the port of second computer).

After the connection is readied, go to control panel option in settings and select ‘network and internet‘. Then select ‘network sharing center‘. Inside it select ‘change advanced sharing settings’ on the upper left corner’. Then click on ‘Turn on File and printer sharing‘ under ‘File and Printer Sharing‘. Then click on ‘Save changes’.

Once its done, in order to share between two computers, select a folder in either of the computers and select share with the name of the recipient. You can view the contents of the shared or edit them.

Connecting two MACs together

Connecting two MACs together is a bit different from that of Windows version. You can connect it using an ethernet cable of course which is similar to that of windows. The other option is done as follows –

  1. Go to Apple Menu
  2. Click on “System Preferences”.
  3. Click on “Sharing”.
  4. Then go to “Internet Sharing Box”.
  5. Click on “Share your Connection” from the drop down box.
  6. Select the WiFi option from the drop down box.
  7. select the “Ethernet Box” option. Now by doing so we are able to share data by connecting two Macs.


The best way to couple a pair of laptops is by making them part of a LAN network using an ethernet cable (LAN cable or networking cable). By doing so, we can ensure safe transfer or sharing of data between two systems. Especially in Windows 10 (both Home and Pro versions), the option works better due to upgraded facilities available.

FAQs on Connect Two Computers Using Lan Cable

1. How do I connect two computers with an Ethernet cable Windows 10?

Read the above mentioned section “Best Way To Connect Two Computers Using Lan Cable In Windows 10” for the detailed method.

2. Can you use a LAN cable to connect two computers?

Yes, we can. It is also the best and safest way to share data.

3. Can you connect 2 computers together?

Yes, using a LAN cable, we can connect 2 computers safe and sound.

4. How do I connect two computers to get more processing power?

Yes, but not as simple as merging them together. You can combine computers to make a cluster and use them for parallel data processing.

5. How can I connect two laptops together?

Using a LAN cable and making them part of a LAN network.

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