Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac

What is GTA 5?

Today’s generation surely can’t say no to one thing. Whether they have heard about the vice city or not. Whether they had played GTA: San Andreas or not. The impact these games had on our childhood was pretty hype.

From Vice city to Liberty City to the new classic, GTA: San Andreas, they offered us ultimate freedom to fulfil our childhood fantasy. To live virtually the life of a gangster. We get to experience the journey of a simple gang member to a gangster whose a monster with access to anything in his city is quite exciting.

Rockstar games always made sure to get us the best living experience in just a game they release. Trust them as usual on their new release, GTA 5 which is better in terms of quality and adventures included in the life of the main protagonists of the game. Having an online and offline version makes it more exciting.

As usual, we expect tons of fashion, exciting jobs or missions, new storyline and access to tons of vehicles and regions of a city. The game has become supernaturally realistic and also tough this time to give the users or the reality loving gamers one heck of a ride for their bucks.


Los Santos has become the center of attraction for the whole world being the epicenter for having a vibrant lifestyle. A true city of dreams filled with wild celebrities and starlets. As every light has its own share of darkness, so did the city of dreams. the undergrounds were war zones between people who wanted a piece of the city. A true dirty reality.

This time instead of just one, we get three main protagonists – Franklin, an ex street gang member, who had quit his past life; Michael, a retired bank robber who understood that the life of honesty in the city is not as peaceful as he imagined and finally, Trevor, a violence loving psycho who tries different businesses to hit the ultimate jackpot. Sounds really badass right.

The game moves forward when these three characters bet it all into some big plans of robbery. Its an all out game. A sort of win or die situation. The presence of three characters and their inter dependent life actions strangled together makes it much more exhilarating.

One of the most noticeable fact in terms of this game is the detailing they have put in terms of designing the region, people, shops or even vehicles. The bloodshed, or fight scenes are also made incredible with the enhanced graphics.

Download and Installation of GTA 5

GTA 5 is available to play both offline and online. As you may have guessed both versions are paid. The online version is more expensive as it is not so similar to the offline version as new additions keep on coming into the online version like new missions, new regions to explore, new activities to enjoy, etc.

As both versions are high end type, a very strong internet connection is needed to play this game online. Further more a high end PC is also required for the smooth flow of the game.

In terms of the offline version which is less costlier than the online version, the game content is same and exciting but as usual its a very high end and large game. It need high graphics, RAM, clock-speed and also space.

To install the file, simply run the .exe file and follow the steps till the end. Once it is complete you can open the game through GTA 5 icon on your desktop.

Using the following link, you can download the game and also its requirements are given below while thinking about getting this game.

Operating SystemWindows 64 – bit: Vista SP2, 7 SP1, 8.1, 10
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz / AMD Phenom 9850 @ 2.5 GHz
Sound Device100% compatible with DirectX 10
Hard Disk Space 100 GB
Graphics1 GB with DX10 support (NVIDIA 9800 GT or AMD HD 4870)

Additional Details

Game NameGTA 5
GenreAction, 3D, Racing
DeveloperRockstar North and Rockstar Games
PlatformWindows (Desktop mode)
Interface Languages availableEnglish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Polish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, T.Chinese, S.Chinese and Japanese
Voice Language English

Features of GTA 5

As mentioned before, GTA 5 comes with very detailed graphics inside the gameplay. The main feature is definitely the sharpness and quality of all 3D characters. The other main features include the detailing of all the main stuff like animals, vehicles, buildings, etc.

The open-world exploration feature and the game being extremely thrilling in terms of the mission is something better.

The only con regarding this game is the massive space needed for it.


GTA 5 is a perfect game for anyone who likes open world games with lot of interesting missions and adventures. The graphics and the features it provides is simply top notch. The only issue you will face is that you need a large space for the game and also a PC with high end features for smooth functioning.

The online version is also available for the game which is much more daring as new missions and regions are regularly updated in the online version. There is an extra paid premium version with more exciting choices and features in the game.

Just Go For It…

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Is it a paid game?

Yes. It is. Though you can check for the crack version online.

Is the online version for the game available?

Yes. You can check it on the rockstar games website.

Which is better – Online or Offline version?

Financially, offline version. Feature vice, online version.

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