Clean Master for PC – Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, and MAC (2021 Latest)

What is Clean master for PC?

Most of us may be familiar with this app as it was very famous and useful for making our mobiles faster but now clean master for pc is the next big thing which will make your PCs faster.

Whether it is our mobile or our PC, cache and trash files are the biggest problem we face as it keeps on coming back again and again even after we spend hours cleaning it. So a deep cleaning and regularly functioning tool like clean master will be very useful in maintaining the speed of the PC or mobile (gadget) you are using.

In such a scenario, software like clean master jumps in and saves us. Lets dive a bit deep into how it works and how clean master for PC will be beneficial for you guys.

Working of Clean master for PC

The app is very easy to install. Once installed and opened, the app starts automatically scanning each and every inch of your PC for trash, junk or cache files. Duplicate files and unused apps are also part of the search list.

Most of these files are useless and stay in memory to simply consume space and thereby make the PC get slowed down by affecting its performance.

Manual searching for such files is very difficult unless we are machine itself. But with such apps, regular boosting of PCs can be done and the piling up of such unwanted files can be lessened.

Instead of deleting one by one click on any of these unwanted categories of files and it vanishes quickly from your PC.

It also stores all of the information in the form of graphs which will help you analyze what is the issues your PC will be facing or about what you deleted.

Features of Clean master for PC

The app is very famous for its success in the mobile section that is, Android gadgets mainly. Compared to the mobile version, I would say clean master on PC based platform is still developing to become much better.

clean master for pc 1

The main feature of this app is that it checks very deep into the PC for the junk files and also on regular basis. It doesn’t just look for simple cache files, but also for all other types of junk, even like the duplicate images or the unused apps or videos.

One of the biggest issues we may face is the leftover files from games and all of which are difficult to get track of in the storage space. This app is very precise in that it even finds out these kinds of junk and helps us to delete it.

App Name Clean master for PC
License Free
OS Windows
DeveloperCheetah Mobile
Release Year2017
Language English
Editor’s Rating4.3 / 5

The other features include the scanning of the files for any threats and also regular boosting of the PC in order to maintain the optimized state of the PC with no unnecessary applications running in the background.

Download and Installation – Clean Master for PC

As mentioned before, now the desktop version of the app is also available for download. All you have to do is to click the download button below and wait for the download to be completed. Once it completed it’s a very easy step to install the app. Open the installed app and directly use it.

In case if you are not able to download and use the desktop version, Just download an emulator like Bluestacks or Memuplay which will allow you to use the Android version of Clean master on your PC.

You can download the emulators by touching on the above names and once its downloaded, install the .exe files. After installation, open the emulator and log in to your google play account. Search the required app from the search box, in this case, clean master. Once the app is downloaded and installed, open and use as you wish.

Also we can download the apk format of clean master from internet too.

clean master for pc 2

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There are many apps which will help us clean the unwanted files and boost the speed of the PC in which the app is installed. Clean master is one of the oldest and famous of these category of apps. Its not supernatural when it comes to cleaning but still its a decent app.

It has many facilities like junk scan, unwanted app scan, etc. that it may seem like a virus scanner too. Clean master has been in the industry for a long time and is still a good app which is being downloaded by millions.


Is Clean master available in desktop format?

Yes. Now it is available. Before it was available only in Android format.

Can clean master for pc detect leftover files of Games?

Yes. It is efficient to do so and also clean it all.

Is Clean master better than VirusMaster?

Maybe VirusMaster is a bit more efficient from my personal experience.

CCleaner or Clean master – which is better?

Definitely Clean master. CCleaner is not up to mark.

Is Clean master for PC available in MAC ?

Yes. But finding the version maybe tough a bit.

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