About US

NeedforPC is a platform we created for all the finest and newest contents in the field of software for our viewers.


NeedforPC is a team of two people dedicated for bringing out the top notch and easily understandable content for you. Our content includes creating tech-based posts which can make you understand the working and handling of software which we come across. With literal hands on testing, we make sure what we share on the platform is 100% genuine.


We are a team of two people

1.Mr.Jagan Pradhan

2.Mr.Badal Pradhan

Our area of expertise is Mac, iOS, Android, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Mission Statement

We focus on one simple factor. To make any person who checks our contents understand what it is with ease. Simplicity and brief explanation are what we focus on. We like to keep our website updated always with not only posts related to common and rated content but also with information regarding those items or software which have not been viral even if it was good.

Vision statement

There is only one vision for us. To top the list in what we do. We want to be the best when it comes to being accountable for people who depend on us for information regarding the new tech world.